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I am a freelance grantwriter and unlicensed educator, I am something of a social crusader. I have been active both locally and nationally in various social, economic, and political causes since the late 1980s. And although I am convinced that America stands alone in the annals of world history as a bastion of personal opportunity and equality, it can be so much more, but only if we are willing to think beyond our often blind adherence to dogmatic political ideologies and see our collective needs based on pragmatism. I also blog on and provide commentary on various news items, socioeconomic, & political policies on my primary blog:   http://beyond-the-political-spectrum.blogspot.com/  Also on Tumblr  http://beyond-the-political-spectrum.tumblr.com/



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    African-Americans and “Black Names”

    12 months ago

    Really? Once again, apologies to my regular readers for not having written and/or posted anything recently. As some of you might know, I have been working on several books for the last year. Needless to say, I have...

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    Why Are Cars So Hard To Fix? (…or, “What American Car Makers Can Do To Win American Loyalty!)

    15 months ago

    As a longtime driver—both privately and commercially—something that has been on my mind quite often is the occasional frustration I have with American automobiles. This occasional frustration made another...

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    There Are Too Many Damned Graduations (For Kids)

    22 months ago

    So I’m at work the other day, and a 20-something-year-old co-worker asks me to switch days with him. He stated that it was very important to him that he have that particular upcoming day off because he wanted to...

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    Compassion Fatigue - Why I'm Tired Of Trying To Help People

    22 months ago

    Dedicated to Francis Williams of Grand Rapids, Michigan, who passed away unexpectedly yesterday. She was one of a small group of people who (unknowingly) helped me find my purpose of impacting the world we live in the...

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    The Future is Now…and It Sucks! (or..."When I Was Your Age...!)

    20 months ago

    I realize that every day, there are parents out there who complain about the way the younger generation does things, from the style and manner of dress to the music. I also imagine that there are individuals belonging...

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    The 5 Things Black & White Americans Do That Annoy The Hell Out of Me!

    22 months ago

    You’ll have to overlook my rant. As an African-American born and bred in “the ‘hood,” reality often reminds me that I am one of those rare individuals who has been fortunate—or not so,...

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    Contemporary Taste In Music & Why I Hate Trey Songz

    18 months ago

    Trey Songz For the nostalgic among the readership, allow me to set up the basis for this article by taking a stroll down Memory Lane. I belong to the aging generation demographers and social scientists refer to...

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    America's Lack of Sexual Modesty (...or "Sex & The Prude")

    8 months ago

    I’m a little reluctant about writing this particular piece. Not because I feel embarrassed about my about my observations and/or stance on the subject, but because when it comes to the issue of sex in America if...

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    Why Are So Many Black Women Single, Part 2

    2 years ago

    In Part 1, the question was explored of why so many black women were single (between 60-70% some estimates). Among some of the possible reasons was the failure of black males to basically assimilate—at least on a...

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    Why Are So Many Black Women Single, Part 1

    8 months ago

    So I’m listening to one of the countless personality-driven morning radio shows on my way from (that’s from, not to) work recently when the subject matter worked itself around to the issue of black women. In...

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    To Spank Or Not To Spank? (Hell Yes!)

    2 years ago

    Growing up throughout the 1970s and halfway through the 80s, many of the children I knew—myself included—received both love and consistent discipline in a less than sophisticated balance that made most of us...

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    The Negative Influence of Southern Rap Music, Conclusion

    2 years ago

    Continued from Part 2, http://hubpages.com/hub/The-Negative-Influence-of-Southern-Rap-Music-Part-2 So what is it about Southern rap music which feeds some of the most negative elements of current pop culture? It could...

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    The Negative Influence of Southern Rap Music, Part 1

    2 years ago

    At the risk of sounding like a prude, I’d like to declare that I can now understand why so many teenagers from low-income families—especially those deemed “at-risk” and those in the Southern...

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